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Tree Removal in Werribee: Proposed Regulations and Implications

Updated: Jun 10, 2023

In Werribee, the preservation of the tree canopy has become increasingly important, prompting Wyndham Council to propose new regulations governing tree removal and pruning. This blog post delves into the proposed local law provisions and their potential impact on property owners in Werribee, examining the implications and considerations surrounding tree removal while emphasizing the significance of tree removal Werribee.

Proposed Local Law Provision:

Under the proposed regulations, property owners in Werribee must obtain a permit for the removal or significant pruning of trees with a diameter exceeding 35cm at 1.4m height. These provisions strike a balance between preserving the tree canopy and safeguarding the rights of property owners in Werribee, where tree removal Werribee plays a crucial role.

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Compliance Obligation and Implications:

The proposed regulations impose a moderate to significant compliance obligation on property owners. Presently, non-native trees can be removed without restrictions. However, the new regulations mandate the application for a permit, which the Council may deny. Such measures affect the land use of owners, entailing additional expenses like arborist reports and permit fees, all tied to tree removal Werribee.

Penalties and Enforcement:

Non-compliance with the tree removal regulations would incur a penalty of 10 penalty units, equivalent to $1000. While non-compliance might not pose an immediate risk to public safety, it can result in the long-lasting loss of canopy cover, impacting the overall environment. The proposed penalty aims to encourage compliance and deter non-compliance.

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Resources and Costs:

Implementing and enforcing these regulations would require additional resources. The Council would need to allocate resources for creating and managing tree removal permits, employing more Authorised Officers for investigations and enforcement, and engaging additional arborists for tree assessments. The estimated annual cost of these resources is approximately $256,000, which could be offset by revenue generated from application fees and infringements.


Wyndham Council's proposed tree removal regulations in Werribee reflect their commitment to preserving the area's tree canopy while striking a balance between environmental concerns and the rights of property owners. Although these regulations impose certain obligations and costs on property owners, they aim to ensure the long-term sustainability and aesthetic appeal of Werribee. Property owners are urged to remain informed about the proposed regulations, engaging with the Council to comprehend their rights and responsibilities regarding tree removal Werribee and surrounding areas.

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